You’re  going to have to get a loan and I’m  really proud to say that a company that Vision Insurance  I’ve worked with personally dozens of times over the past few years is our  first sponsor after episodes to start your dental practice and our first sponsor is Bank of America practice  solutions so whenever you’re going to be getting a new loan whenever you’re going to get a loan for starting your dental  practice or acquiring a dental practice you really want to make sure that you have three things when it comes to that loan number one you want a really great

Interest rate number two you want to make sure that the company that you’re speaking with has a lot of experience and can guide you through the best path to be able to have a practice owner  through the loan process and number three you want to make sure that the terms associated with that loan are the most advantageous for you and I’m really happy to say that all three of these things Bank of America just knocks it out of the park for you and they’ve got some really great new promotions I’m not even sure if one of these they’ve even announced anywhere else other than what I’m about to say to you on the start your journal practice podcast so soid  piers here is the announcement for this so number one interest rates they’ve got a couple of really great promotions.

First one is on new acquisitions the first year of that loan % for a dental practice acquisition right now in the first year it’s crazy though you  never even hear a loans dipping below % nonetheless less than % on that first year and then after the first year is still super competitive compared to everybody else out there because Bank of America always comes in as either the lowest interest rate