One of the lowest interest rates of any banks that  are out there so that’s the first part Best Dental Insurance of that again you want to make sure you have a great interest rate number two you wanna make sure that the company you’re working with has a lot of dental practice experience I don’t know of any company out there in the world has more dental practice loan financing experience than Bank of America dives they’re fantastic at it the reps are really good and they’re going to be able to tell you.

If the deal is going to be able to get done or if it’s not going to be able to get done so they don’t waste your time at all and they can help you understand the different nuances throughout that process fantastic the third piece of this is that the best  terms so here’s the really cool part a lot of people don’t realize this but whenever you are buying a practice or starting to practice up most banks if not you know % of them out there require that you have disability  insurance as well as life insurance to cover the payments for that loan as well as to cover the term the total value of those loans this goes up and down quite a bit for different types of loan sides as well different risk profiles for the  person receiving the loans but let’s call it $ a month for those insurance rights very

You know kind of middle of the line for you $ a month you have to pay in addition to the loan to be able to have those insurances funded to be able to have that policy to have that  loan thanks America is getting rid of that completely so you do not have to have that if you think about that that $ a month that’s seventy two hundred dollars a year over ten years that’s thousand dollars you’re going to save by going with Bank of America practice solutions it’s really a no-brainer if  you’re going to have to get a loan which you are going to have to do % it may as well go with a company