renaissance dental  I change my aligners is based on two things number one being the tracking and when you’re observing beautiful tracking then renaissance dental  .

renaissance dental
renaissance dental
  • Perforation technique .if you weren’t using an accelerate orthodontic technique and you just started changing aligners.
  • At less days you could you could be rest assured your patients going to respond they’re gonna feel more tight so if you just.
  • Started using less days when it was inappropriate the pain level would go up the discomfort would go up the idea there is.
  • If you have a patient who’s wearing them at nine day intervals and you see incredible tracking and that patient is describing incredible comfort level to you .

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  • It’s time to go to eight and if you do eight days for a few times let’s say two or three aligners and you have .
  • The same response meaning the tracking looks beautiful and the comfort level is similar then what would happen is you’d go to seven so.
  • we do work our way down we start in some cases we might use the first aligner or two at ten days just to make sure 
  • We’re good and up and running move to nine move to aidan move to seven we can work our way down that list right away till we find a spot .
  • where the patient still has great tracking but they start noticing that the pressures going up a little bit okay alright so here.
  • we have when I use propelling infiltrate with xylocaine with epi and some of my patients still feel discomfort understand,