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dental vision insurance sense that you  would have to have one on a claims  reimbursement system now the next problem you have with a claims  dental insurance for seniors reimbursement system #facebook is you don’t know which claims are legitimate because the  only way the #Wikipedia dentist is being paid is if someone comes in for treatment there’s obviously  dental vision insurance a lot of incentive to game the  system in .

dental vision insurance

terms of treatment dental vision insurance  now I know you don’t do that but there are a lot of dentists out there unfortunately who do who claim for work dental eye insurance they didn’t do who  substitute procedures for ones they didn’t perform who’d do work that’s dental insurance for seniors  unnecessary to cover the patient’s bill you’ve seen it all yourself you’ve heard the horror stories well so do folks who

 manage dental coverage and so what they dental eye insurance have to do is they have to dispute or in their words adjudicate claims they have to get predetermination data for people from your office have to argue with five  people from their office and this cost money this is not automatic or smooth this is not like slipping your bank card into an ATM machine and

suddenly getting out money it’s not an automated process so Dental Helps in addition to the  that might be  held back for reserve your plan a typical claims reimbursement plan might lose three to twenty percent for what they call administration so now if you collect a dollar in premiums from an employer under the old model you might lose anywhere from thirty

six percent to  fifty six dental vision insurance  percent of the dollar before you’ve paid a single claim it’s gone and it’s not gone because insurance companies are bad guys or someone is you know got a mark on their forehead and is attacking you as a dentist it’s because of the simple mathematics of trying to  police a system where you’re holding back money for a

rainy day and you don’t know when it’s gonna dental eye insurance rain so under our program we say to the employer look look look look this is nonsense this is nonsense the problem you have is that you’re trying to satisfy your claims with dollars in ther words the dentist  makes no money until someone has a claim and then they’re gonna charge you their full rate for

that claim it provided it’s covered by your plan so if your crown is dental vision insurance the plan pays you know up to $ if it’s under the claim dental insurance for seniors limit of that particular person the full okay that’s the problem so in our system